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Idioms of the week: 6 animal idioms

six animal idoms that could be used in the daily conversations.

Idioms of the week: 6 animal idioms

What is and idiom ?

An idiom is an expression, word or phrase that has a figurative meaning, and it has the following characteristics:

- It is fixed and is recognized by native speakers. You cannot make up your own!

- It uses language in a non-literal - metaphorical - way.

6 animal idioms

1. A snake in the grass

 Refers to someone who pretends to be your friend while actually betraying you.

2. Kill two birds with one stone

 To succeed in doing two things at the same time.

3. Like a bat out of hell

 Something that moves very quickly

4. Pigs might fly

 Expresses disbelief, or the idea that miracles might happen but are extremely unlikely.

5. Raining cats and dogs

 It is raining very heavily.

6. Sounds or smells fishy

 When you are suspicious about something.

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