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ما الفرق بين Do و Make وما الفرق بين Have و Take؟ | الدرس 6 | قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية

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ما الفرق بين  Do و Make و Have و Take؟

إن لم تعرف الفرق بين do و make و have و take فأنت في المكان و الوقت المناسبين.
سواء كنت مبتدأ، متوسطا أو متقدما في اللغة الإنجليزية، فإن هذا الدرس البسيط و القيم سيشرح لك بالتفصيل أين و متى نستعمل do و make و have و take أثناء محادثاتنا اليومية باللغة الإنجليزية.

ما الفرق بين make و Do؟

Things we make

a mistake (= and error): He made a few mistakes in the exam.

a meal (= prepare and cook something to eat): I had to make my own dinner last night.

money (= become rich): He made a lot of money when he worked in America.

friends: It's not always easy to make friends in a foreign country.

a decision: We can have the red ones or the green ones, but we must make a decision (choose the red or the green) before 6 p.m.

a noise: I can't work when the children make a lot of noise.

progress (= improvement): Her English is good now; she has made a lot of progress.

Things we do

homework: I forgot to do my English homework last night.

the housework (= cleaning): My mother does all the housework in our house.

subjects (= study subjects): Did you do English at school?

a course: I did a one-week course in word processing.

the shopping (= buy food): I always do the shopping at the weekend.

research (= detailed study  in one subject): He's doing research in physics at Rome University.

(someone) a favour (= do something to help someone): I don't have any coffee. Could you do me a favour and lend me some?

something/anything/nothing: I didn't do anything last night. That boy has done nothing all day.

ما الفرق بين Have و Take؟

Things we have

a rest (= relax / do nothing): They had a long rest after the game.

food (= eat food) and drink):  I had steak but Paul just had a cup of tea.

a drink (= drink something): Let's have a drink before dinner.

a bath/shower:  I always have a bath when I get up.

a party: I'm having a party for my birthday.

a baby (= be pregnant or give birth): Mary is having a baby next month.

a (nice/great/terrible) time: We had a very nice time in Switzerland last year.

Things we take

an exam (also 'do an exam'): I'm going to take four exams next month.

a photo: She took lots of photos on holiday.

a decision (also 'make'): I'm not very good at taking decisions.

a shower (also 'have'): I'm just going to take a shower before lunch.

a bus/train/plane/taxi: We were late, so we took a taxi to the airport.

Note: Notice the use of be + adjective (NOT have+noun) in these expressions: She was lucky / I'm hungry (= 1 want to eat) /  I'm thirsty (= I want a drink)

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